When will a 2-metre rise in sea level occur, and how might we adapt?

PROTECTCoCliCo and SCORE have co-written a policy-brief about 2-m rise in sea level. Read here the key messages and find below the full policy-brief.

A 2-metre rise in sea level is almost inevitable. The uncertainty is on the timing, somewhere between one century and the next two thousand years depending on polar ice sheet melting and which socio-economic pathway we follow. Exceeding 2 meters of sea-level rise will fundamentally change European coastal zones.

Europe and National States can recognize that coastal adaptation is an ongoing process that involves short-term actions, long-term planning and strategic thinking.

Three actions are urgently needed to limit losses, damages and lock-ins:

  • Massive and immediate reductions of greenhouse gas emissions in order to slow down sea-level rise, limit the amplitude of sea-level rise in the long term, thus giving more time and options for coastal adaptation.
  • Engagement into adaptation for multiple metres of sea-level rise, including preparing the ground for adaptation, identifying challenges and options, monitoring trends and implementing options with high cobenefits.
  • Support to science and climate service development to reduce uncertainties in future sea-level rise, assess risks and associated adaptation options and provide useable information and climate services to coastal adaptation stakeholders.

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