Understanding sea-level rise, a series of 4 videos

PROTECT presents “Understanding sea-level rise“, a video series that explores the complex dynamics of sea level rise and its contributors.

Starting with an overview of historical sea level fluctuations, the first episode emphasizes the current accelerated rise attributed to the melting of land-based ice, posing questions about predicting future sea levels.

The second episode delves into Antarctica’s pivotal role, suggesting a potential tipping point that could drastically impact sea level rise and advocating for adherence to the Paris Agreement to mitigate such consequences.

The third episode highlights the rapid response of glaciers to global warming and their significant contribution to sea-level rise, stressing the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to protect these vulnerable water resources. 

Lastly, the fourth episode explores the challenges of understanding the Greenland Ice Sheet, emphasizing collaborative research for a comprehensive understanding of its potential impact on global sea levels.

Together, the series underscores the urgency of addressing climate change to safeguard coastal cities and preserve vital water resources.

Contact information: office@protect-slr.eu

Webpage linkhttps://protect-slr.eu/videos/

More resourceshttps://protect-slr.eu/dissemination-materials/

Language: English, French, Spanish, German

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