Adapt4Coast: Four EU projects join forces to enhance climate change adaptation in coastal areas

PROTECT has recently partnered with CoCliCoREST-COAST, and SCORE as part of the Adapt4Coast Cluster—a collaboration of four EU-funded projects dedicated to bolstering climate resilience in European coastal areas and cities. Our collective mission involves implementing an integrated solution that combines smart technologies and nature-based solutions.

The impact of climate change on coastal areas and communities is profound, encompassing social and economic damage, property and infrastructure destruction, coastal submersion and erosion, threats to human health and safety, and the loss of coastal wetlands and biodiversity.

In response to these challenges, Adapt4Coast is actively developing a comprehensive set of solutions, including:

  • SCORE: A GIS-early warning support and digital twin platform designed to identify countermeasures for mitigating the impact of climate changes and related extreme weather events.
  • REST-COAST: A project focused on delivering marketable restoration ecosystem services and nature-based solutions, employing a systemic approach to coastal restoration based on a scalable adaptation plan.
  • PROTECT: Introducing a sea-level rise map to facilitate infrastructure planning and development.
  • CoCliCo: Developing a coastal climate core services web-platform aimed at supporting decision-making on coastal risk and adaptation.

The Adapt4Coast cluster is not only actively working on technical solutions but also offers valuable insights and policy recommendations to address the climate resilience needs of European coastal cities. We extend an invitation to local, national, and regional decision-makers, as well as international leaders, to download our policy brief and explore our recommendations for Coastal Cities.

Adapt4Coast can support you to enhance coastal resilience within your communities! Here you can find the clusters’ factsheet.

The Adapt4Coast cluster was supported by the Horizon Results Booster, an initiative of the European Commission.

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