Many PROTECT participants will present their work at EGU, check them out!

Monday 15 April

10:45–12:30 – EGU24-20197 – Constraining projections of future freshwater fluxes from Antarctica. Violaine Coulon, Javier Blasco, Qing Qin, Jan De Rydt, and Frank Pattyn

10:45–12:30 – EGU24-15323 – Investigating the evolution and stability of the Greenland ice sheet using remapped surface mass balance forcing. Charlotte Rahlves, Heiko Goelzer, and Michele Petrini.

Tuesday 16 April

09:05–09:15 – EGU24-7415 – Stability regimes and safe overshoots in West and East Antarctica. Ann Kristin Klose and Ricarda Winkelmann

10:45–12:30 – EGU24-17095 – Assessing Antarctic Ice Sheet Dynamics and Sea Level Rise: Insights from PROTECT Model Intercomparison. Cyrille Mosbeux, Gael Durand, Nicolas Jourdain, Fabien Gillet-Chaulet, Justine Caillet, Violaine Coulon, Frank Pattyn, Simon Schoell, Ann Kristin Klose, Ricarda Winkelman, Stephen Cornford, Suzanne Bevan, Tijn Berends, Roderik van de Wal, Heiko Goelzer, Tamsin Edwards, Fiona Turner, Charles Amory, Christoph Kittel, and Michiel van den Broeke and the PROTECT

10:45–12:30 – EGU24-17606 – Effect of initial states on the uncertainty in sea-level rise projections until 2100 and beyond. Simon Schöll, Ann Kristin Klose, Ronja Reese, Nicolas Jourdain, and Ricarda Winkelmann

12:45-13:35 – SPM37 – CalvingMIP splinter meeting – Joint Commission on Ice-Ocean Interactions community meeting

Wednesday 17 April

14:55–15:05 – EGU24-2087 – “Submersion”: A board game for coastal risk exploration and adaptation planning. Anne Chapuis, Clémence Foucher, Clara Burgard, Etienne Ducasse, Pierre Mathiot, Gabrielle Mondy, and Gaël Durand

17:10–17:20 – EGU24-16820 – Building probabilistic projections of the Antarctic contribution to global sea level rise using a random forests emulators. Fiona Turner, Jonathan Rougier, Tamsin Edwards, Violaine Coulon, and Ann Kristin Klose

Thursday 18 April

08:30–12:30, 14:00–15:40 – Session CR2.3 – Ice shelves and tidewater glaciers – dynamics, interactions, observations, modelling. Convener: Nicolas Jourdain

16:15-18:00 – EGU24-9008 – Sea-level projections in recent IPCC reports: how we got here, where we are and where we’re going. Aimée Slangen, Matthew Palmer, Carolina Camargo, John Church, Tamsin Edwards, Tim Hermans, Helene Hewitt, Gregory Garner, Jonathan Gregory, Robert Kopp, Victor Malagon Santos, and Roderik van de Wal

16:15-18:00 – EGU24-16387 – Sea-level scenarios for coastal adaptation: the example of France. Rémi Thiéblemont and Gonéri Le Cozannet

Friday 19 April

08:30-12:25 – Session CL4.9 – Understanding sea level changes: global to local, from past to future. Convener: Aimée Slangen

10:45–12:30 – EGU24-9876 – Is climate change responsible for recent retreat of the Pine Island Glacier in West Antarctica? Alex Bradley, David Bett, Paul Holland, C. Rosie Williams, and Robert Arthern

11:15–11:25 – EGU24-3503 – Improving, evaluating and sharing projections of global mean sea level rise. Tamsin Edwards, Fiona Turner, and Victor Malagon Santos and the EU PROTECT project

11:35–11:45 – EGU24-18361 – New sea level scenarios for the Netherlands. Sybren S. Drijfhout, Dewi Le Bars, and Iris Keizer

11:45–11:55 – EGU24-6564  – Emulating Thermosteric Sea-Level Rise Using a Three-Layer Energy Balance Model. Víctor Malagón-Santos, Aimée Slangen, Tim Hermans, Tamsin Edwards, and Fiona Turner

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