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The article “Uncertainties in projected Surface Mass Balance over the polar ice sheets from dynamically downscaled EC-Earth models” was published.

Read the main results here:

  • We downscale two versions (v2 from CMIP5 and v3 from CMIP6) of the GCM EC-Earth using the RCM HIRHAM5 for Greenland and Antarctica.
  • The 2018-2100 change in SMB under the high-emissions scenarios is −290 Gt yr−1 (v2) and −1640 Gt yr−1 (v3) for Greenland and 420 Gt yr−1 (v2) and 80 Gt yr−1 (v3) for Antarctica.
Changes in surface mass balance for Greenland for the period 2081–2100 relative to 1991–2010 for the EC-Earth2-driven run using RCP8.5 (a) and the EC-Earth3-driven run using SSP5-8.5 (b). Changes in surface mass balance for Antarctica for the period 2071–2100 relative to 1971–2000 for the EC-Earth2-driven run using RCP8.5 (c) and the EC-Earth3-driven run using SSP5-8.5 (d). Units are metres of water equivalent per year. The green colour represents non-glacial land grid points, and the grey colour represents Antarctic ice shelves

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