Meet the Scientific Steering Committee

The SSC is the supervisory body that advises the General Assembly to ensure timely and successful execution of all PROTECT Work Package tasks. It consists of the Project Coordinator and one co-leader from each WP. Please meet the SSC members:

Gaël Durand (CNRS, IGE), leader of WP-1 and WP-8

Research scientist at CNRS located at the Institut des Géoscience de l’Environnement, scientific coordinator os the PROTECT project, Gael Durand focuses his research on outlet glacier dynamics, with a more particular interest on any processes affecting grounding line dynamics.

Gonéri Le Cozannet (BRGM), co-leader of WP-2

Gonéri Le Cozannet is research engineer at BRGM, the French Geological Survey. His main research interests are the evaluation of coastal impacts of sea-level rise and of the related uncertainties. Within PROTECT, he co-leads WP2 together with Tamsin Edwards.

Tamsin Edwards (KCL), co-leader of WP-2

Dr Tamsin Edwards specialises in quantifying the uncertainties of climate model predictions, particularly for the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets. Her research includes experimental design for computer simulations, emulating complex models to explore how their projections depend on uncertain inputs and to estimate probability distributions, and using observations to evaluate models within statistical calibration frameworks.

Frank Pattyn (ULB), co-leader of WP-3

Frank Pattyn is full professor at ULB in the Department of Geosciences, Environment, Society, and director of the Laboratoire de Glaciologie. His research encompasses Antarctic glaciology, ice sheet modelling and model development. Belgian delegate to SCAR and Associate Chief Editor of Journal of Glaciology.

Paul Holland (UKRI-BAS), co-leader of WP-3

His science considers polar climate and its variability, particularly with regard to interactions between ice and ocean. This is particularly focussed on understanding ocean melting of the Antarctic Ice Sheet.

Ricarda Winkelmann (PIK), co-leader of WP-4

Ricarda Winkelmann is a climate scientist at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) and Professor of Climate System Analysis at University of Potsdam, Germany. Her research focuses on the interactions of the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets and the climate system, tipping points and future sea-level rise. 

Nicolas Jourdain (CNRS-IGE), co-leader of WP-4

Nicolas Jourdain is a CNRS scientific researcher at IGE, Grenoble, France. He is studying the interactions between the Antarctic ice sheet and the rest of the climate system. Most of his recent work focuses on modelling the ocean/ice-shelf interactions.

Ruth Mottram (DMI), co-leader of WP-5

Her science focuses on Greenland ice sheet surface mass balance and the interactions between atmosphere, ocean, sea ice and ice sheet in the Arctic and Antarctic. 

Michiel van den Broeke (UU), co-leader of WP-5

Michiel van den Broeke is a professor of polar meteorology at IMAU, Utrecht University. His main research interest is to quantify and predict the mass balance of the ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica.

Ben Marzeion (UBREMEN), co-leader of WP-6

Ben Marzeion is modeling glaciers on the global scale to better understand their impact on past and future sea-level change, and to disentangle the role of external forcing and natural variability.

Frank Paul (UZH), co-leader of WP-6

Frank Paul’s research interests include glacier mapping and monitoring from spaceborne optical sensors, impacts of climate change on glaciers at a regional scale, distributed mass balance modelling of glaciers and geomorphometric analysis of DEMs and their application in glaciological studies.

Aimée Slangen (NIOZ), co-leader of WP-7

Aimée Slangen is interested in understanding and projecting (regional) sea-level changes, and on translating these to the coastal/delta/estuarine environment. She likes to take a broad approach and study both global and regional sea-level changes, by including all relevant contributions. Her focus is on understanding the recent past (20th century) change and projecting future changes for the 21st century and beyond.

Robert Nicholls (UEA), co-leader of WP-7

Robert Nicholls is Professor of Coastal Adaptation at University of East Anglia and Director of the multi-university partnership Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research since 01 October 2019. He has long experience of assessing the implications of sea-level rise and climate change for coastal areas. This includes local, regional and global assessments of this issue, including contributions to six IPCC Assessments/Special Reports.

The Scientific Steering Committee has to elect every year two young research scientists, a PhD student and a Post-Doc, to take part in the SSC. This year, Caroline van Calcar and Clara Burgard have been elected to join the Scientific Steering Committee. Congratulations to both of you!

Meet the new SSC members:

Caroline van Calcar

Caroline is a PhD student at Delft University of Technology and University of Utrecht working on the coupling of an ice dynamic model to a 3D GIA model in order to include GIA feedback effects in simulations of the Antarctic ice sheet evolution. We will use a range of 3D viscosities constrained by gravity and seismic data and investigate the effect of relative sea level changes on the ice sheet evolution until 2500.

Clara Burgard

Clara is a PostDoc at the Institute of Environmental Geosiences (IGE- CNRS). She is part of WP3 and is working on improving parametrizations describing the melting at the base of Antarctic ice shelves. A better understanding and refinement of these parametrizations is important to reduce the uncertainty in the Antarctic contribution to sea-level rise in climate projections.